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ATN Escrow Service / How to Deal Safely Please Click here to read Rules

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Mar 22, 2010
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1. Buyer and Seller agree to terms2. Buyer submits payment to Escrow3. Seller delivers goods or service to buyer4. Buyer approves goods or services5. Escrow releases payment to seller

This thread is make to explain and how to use Altenen Escrow Service (ATN)

1 : WHAT IS IT ?

ATN( altenen Escrow Service ) is a service that give the possibilty for both sellers and buyers in anycase of deal to be safe . The buyer pays the money due to the seller to altenen Escrow and it's released only when he confirms that we can do so. If any problems is occured, the buyer who paid to the altenen Escrow must explain the problems, and will see his money refunded.The buyer have then no chance to loose his money, since the seller will not see any cents of it till he confirms. And for the seller, we know that alot of personn never pay after that the seller deliver his work, or loose his time.With ATN, the seller knows at the beginning that the buyer is a serious member that got the money and already paid Advantage for the buyer: - He is safe during all the deal, his money is with us.
Advantage for the seller : - He knows that the buyer paid the Escrow, wich means that he knows that the buyer have the money and he is serious In both case, the ATN reduce probabilty of getting scammed for the buyer, and loosing his time for the seller

2 : In what type of deal ATN can be used?

ATN can be used for ALL deals. Here are the most constants case -
Z offers his drop service .
Q wants to use it. But Q is scared of the idea to card to Z's drop and never see his items. Then, Z and Q need to talk between them and Z need to pay a certain amount to Escrow, wich is maximum 10% of the item that Q qill card. Then, Q can card to Z's drop. When Q receive his stuff, he confirm to us and we refund the amount paid by Z at the beginning. If any problem is occured or Z scams, the amount reversed as an assurance to EScrow will be fully paid to Q as compensation - Z offers his carding service. Q wants to use it. But Q is scared of the idea to pay and never get his item shipped. Then, Q must pay the amount required by the Z to Escrow. Then, Z must ship the items and provide him a tracking number if possible. When and only when Q receive his stuff and check that everything is fine, he confirm us so we can pay Z. Q has 24 hours after receiving his stuffs to check them and to confirm us - Z sell cc . Q wants to buy but he is scary to pay and to receive dead cc. Q must pay the amount required to Z. When it's done, Z must provide to EScrow the cc. Escrow will check it via a Private method which dosent kill the cc or neither charge. It only determines if its live or no. If the cc is live, the money will be reversed to Z. In the opposite case, Z will asked to provide a new cc .

3 : HOW TO MAKE Thread+Payment)

Make a thread in https://altenens.org/index.php?forums/atn-escrow-service.53/ with the seller and your deal, Then Escrow Will confirm Your Deal and then Seller can start his job.

4 : Paying With Bitcoins : )

1 Open Bitcoins Wallet on https://blockchain.info/wallet/new and then you need to buy Bitcoins from exchangers...
You can use localbitcoins Exchange service go here == > https://localbitcoins.com signup your account Then Click on Buy Bitcoins : https://localbitcoins.com/buy_bitcoins
2 Buy bitcoin with MoneyGram / Western Union. Just enter on www.ultrachange.biz

5 : Pay Bitcoins with Extra Fee :

You can choose to set high fee while sending bitcoin with blockchain wallet, with this you are giving high fee to get your transaction to be relayed by many nodes asap, this will help you to get your confirmation fast in bitcoin network. Login to your blockchain.info wallet Click on “Send” Button at wallet home page Past bitcoin address in “To” and Enter Bitcoin value which you want to send then Select the Transaction fee Option as a "Priority"

6 : Escrow+Completed Deals :

Pm our Escrow member The Big Father and ask him for his Bitcois info for escrow. Then, simply send the money to him with the receipt of the transfer The escrow member will mark as received and then pm you to confirm that the money is in escrow. You can then post a thread in the Escrow section and the escrow member will confirm If you want to deal with Escrow but to stay private and not post a thread on forum, so no one can see that you are dealing, simply pm The Big Father and kindly tell him you want to do it private. The transaction will be done by PM between the seller, The Big Father, and the buyer Here you can see some escrow deals completed https://altenens.org/index.php?forums/completed-deals.54/

ATN is Awesome Easy Safe FOR ESCROW

What Payment Methods We Accepted?

1 : Bitcoins
2 : All Crypto Currencies

Create Private Message here to (Escrow Team) :

and ask them Bitcoins address for make payment......
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